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Our aim is to provide you with all the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school.

You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the HSC, search for job vacancies and much more. Feel free to drop into the Careers Office if you have any questions.

Study in the UK or USA or Volunteer Overseas - see below

*N.B. This information was posted pre-Covid. Check availability of programs with organisations.
The Complete University Guide to Study in the UK

The UK is one of the world's most popular destination for students from overseas. In fact, more than 400,000 international students enrol each year. International students considering the UK have a choice of over 140 universities and higher education institutions, each offering a great range of tertiary qualifications that will be recognised the world over.


Study in the USA. What is the SAT?

The SAT (which used to stand for Scholastic Aptitude Test but now stands for literally nothing) is one of two college entry exams necessary for US college admissions.

Colleges use your SAT score to measure how ready you are for college courses as well as your future potential.

Each college has its own average SAT score expectation but US colleges assess your application holistically so it’s possible to get into your dream college without getting the best SAT score.


Lattitude Global Volunteering

Lattitude is one of the largest international volunteering organisations, supporting around 1000 young people globally every year. As a nonprofit organisation, we ensure we remain cost effective and are transparent about all costs involved, while providing comprehensive support throughout the process. After 45 years of global experience, we think we've got a pretty good thing going.

With placements available in 13 countries, lasting between 6 weeks and 12 months and departing throughout the year, there is a volunteer program that will fit into any young Australian's gap year!



Go Overseas – Programs Abroad

Go Overseas is your guide to 16,000+ programs that will change how you see the world. Read 35,000+ community reviews to help you choose your next adventure